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Welcome to the 2022 Tri Cities Youth Lacrosse Registration Page.

Below is the registration groups, by grade, during 2021-2022 school year:


Next years returning players may not need to purchase again assuming uniform still fits

Registration Process:

Our registration system will walk you through registering and creating accounts for the parent/guardian as well as the player. The system will redirect you to the US lacrosse player registrations process where you will need to purchase or renew or confirm your US lacrosse membership card, this is required and not included in the TCYL fees, the price is $30 per player.  Once complete you will be redirected back to our site to complete registration and payment. **this will have to be renewed even if you purchased it last year when the season was cancelled**



*Prior to start of first season practice:  Full refunds minus a $40 administrative fee

*Prior to First game - 50% of registration

*After first game of the season there will be no refunds.


SEASON REGISTRATION FEE COVERS:  Field expenses, referee expenses, league fees, coaching, team equipment and tournament/jamboree expenses for regular season.

SEASON REGISTRATION FEE DOES NOT COVER:  Annual US Lacrosse Membership fee, personal equipment (shorts, stick, pads, helmet, cleats, athletic cup, mouthguard), uniform, spirit gear, and personal travels expense (hotel, food, gas).


As part of this registration, you will be asked to review all of documentation. These documents are very important and explain the responsiblity of the parent, coaches and mostly the players for playing Lacrosse with TCYL. An understanding of what is needed to play the game is a necessity for every player, parent and coach.